Judson ISD

Scholarship and Grant Recipients

2016 Recipients


Teacher Grants

Scholarship Recipients

Salinas ES

Latasha Teamer

Project: Engagement Technostyle

Cost: $1,934.52

Christine Wunstel

Project: Home-School Math Connection

Cost: $2,222.70

Coronado Village ES

Sherri Brister & Mary Standifer (Paschall ES)

Project: iPads

Cost: $2,473.90

Franz ES

Rebecca Sprouse

Project: Outdoor Learning Center

Cost: $2,489.77

Crestview ES

Carrie Dixon, Chantae King, Jeanine Brummett, Martha Silva & Lily Segovia

Project: All in Learning Technology Equipment

Cost: $2,050.00

Park Village ES

Leanne Hewitt

Project: Chromebooks

Cost: $1,920.00

Spring Meadows ES

Donna Harris

Project: Home Connections

Cost: $646.00

Candlewood ES

Martha Sanchez

Project: Listen to Learn

Cost: $2,498.00

Ashley Roberson & Sue Reininger

Project: Movement Matters!

Cost: $2,475.90

Wagner HS

Kyla Mora & Karen Ibanez

Project: Catching Up with Technology

Cost: $2,349.97

Converse ES

Julianna Berry

Project: Electrifying Content through the Grade Levels

Cost: $2,500.00

Judson HS

Tyler Baker, Mark Davenport, Kim Ziarkowski, Alexander Rendell & Matthew Henson

Project: Physics is Phun!

Cost: $2,406.65

JSTEM Academy

Danielle Smith

Project: Innovating Texas History

Cost: $2,459.46

Randall Ohman

Project: Engineers' Pantry

Cost: $1,989.57

Meghann Latimer & Russell Baskin

Project: Broadcast Booth

Cost: $1,896.00

Judson Early College Academy

Christine Martin-McDaniel

Project: House Points

Cost: $2,497.00

Marcus Martinez

Project: Project Video

Cost: $2,334.95

Total Grants Awarded $37,144.39




Judson Early College Academy

Asia Renaye Gray-Day $1,500

University of Texas  San Antonio

Kaylee Alers Maldonado $1,500

Texas Tech

Erin Michelle Tiede $3,000

Texas Tech

Reagan Ashleigh Osborn $3,000

University of Texas Austin

Madison Shay Morales $3,000

University of Texas  San Antonio


Alexis Michelle Forbes $3,000

University of Texas Austin


Jacintha Daisy Dillemuth $3,000

US Air Force Academy

Judson HS

Caleb Ryan Brister $1,500

Palo Alto College

Amari Natile Borrego $1,500

University of Mount Olive

Peter Anthony Goode $1,500

University of Texas  San Antonio

Noah Frederic Tiemeyer $3,000

Mater's University

Aleya Michelle Shedd $3,000

University of Texas San Antonio

Wagner HS

Taylor Shannon Martin $3,000

University of Texas  San Antonio

Sierra Rose Gonzales $3,000

University of Texas Austin

Zulema Martinez- Garcia $3,000

University of San Francisco

Total Scholarships Awarded $37,500.00