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Yam Drive Shows JISD Giving Spirit

Each year the JISD Police Department orchestrates a district wide canned yam drive and this year it was a spectacular success.  More than 6,000 cans of yams were collected. This was started years ago as a way to help out the annual Raul Jimenez Thanksgiving Dinner that is hosted to feed more than 25,000 people who are elderly or those in need.  The contest involved JISD schools, and several of the district's departments.  This year the contest had a new winner! Check out all the generosity below...more pictures to come.

1st place: Converse ES with 2,409 canned yams

2nd place: Elolf ES with 1,642 canned yams

3rd place: Olympia ES with 1,249 canned yams

Congratulations and thank you everyone!


Elolf ES

Wagner ROTC

Hartman's Thanksgiving Luncheon

Thanksgiving is a family thing, right?  It's to be thankful for all the good things and recognize how our families add so much to that.  Hartman hosted a Thanksgiving Luncheon that gave families of PreK through 2nd grade the chance to break away from the ordinary and join their child for a feast of food, smiles and hugs.  Participation and the food were both great and the staff at Hartman look forward for the next holiday luncheon for the parents of 3rd through 5th graders in December.


Judson Ag Students Building A Place To Grow

It's great to see students using the skills and lessons they've learned in a practical way…and that gives back. The Judson High School Ag department is seeing a new addition taking shape on the complex and it's coming together through the sweat equity of the AgScience students.  They are constructing an expansion to the Horticulture Program's greenhouse.  They're applying their technical skills in a way that will help the program now, but will also be a great asset to kids coming in behind them.  
The addition will provide more shaded space for plants to survive the brutal Texas heat. More plants that thrive means a better chance to increase student fund raising efforts when it comes to selling plants, flowers and greenery to the community. 

Board Recognitions 11-16-17

The Pledge leader for the meeting was Asia Wilson, a 5th grader at Spring Meadows Elementary.  Asia is a role model for all students at Spring Meadows. She’s a shining star on the Student Leadership team and serves as an officer on the Safety Patrol.  Asia is an enthusiastic member of the Pep Squad and a songbird with the Choir. She also loves playing basketball.


Our first recognition comes from Candlewood Elementary School.  The Javits-Frasier Scholars Program spotlights those teachers who show passion and innovation in working with student populations that typically are under-represented in gifted education.  The National Association for Gifted Children chose 12 teachers nationwide for a special convention of the N-A-G-C this month in Charlotte, North Carolina and Candlewood Elementary’s Jennifer Silva was one of those teachers selected. This will be an opportunity for her to be recognized by the association for her work thus far, as well as a chance to further her skills in her area of expertise with other educators.


Our second recognition comes from the Energy Management Department.  You may know that since 2013 Judson ISD has been a participant in CPS Energy’s Demand Response program.  This is an incentive program started by CPS Energy that provides rebates and incentives to comercial customers for reducing energy consumption in the summer during peak usage periods.  This year JISD shrunk its load off the electricity grid by 5,823 kilowatts…that’s enough to supply power to 730 homes in San Antonio for a day.   That beat last year’s reduction by 6.5%.

As a result, CPS Energy’s Joe Jones and Jennifer Henriquez with Clear Result Energy Consultants are here to make two sizable check presentations. The first is to Energy Manager Mr. David Oehler and Energy Management Specialist Andy Jimenez for the Demand Response Program…the other tied to the Energy Solution Project will be presented by Ms. Henriquez to Maintenance Director Terry Yaklin for the energy efficient upgrades in a number of our schools and facilities. In 2013 when JISD committed to the Demand Response program we started out with a pilot Group of 4 schools…today that has grown to 25 campuses.



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