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Entries for month: September 2016

JISD Honors Pre-Engineering Students

Some 70 students were recognized for their hard work in the Judson ISD's Pre-engineering Program.  This is a summer program that involves middle and high school students delving into challenging but fun math-based projects that take them deeper into the world of engineering and science in a practical way.  So instead of sleeping late and hanging out at the house during the summer, they took on the adventure of UTSA's PREP program.  This identifies students that have a keen interest in applied math projects that prepare their thinking and problem solving skills to develop answers.  Recognition for taking a rewarding, but path less traveled.  



Pie-Oh-My! Olympia Reaches Fundraising Goal

Fundraising at campuses can help with event expenses and special campus projects that aren't a core part of the campus budget.  Olympia Elementary School had a goal and they reached it, but there was a deal made before this all started.  Coaches Eric Hajduk and Jesse Valenzuela put their faces on the line and agreed that if the fundraising goal was met, they would take a pie in the face in front of the kids. Guess what...they made it.  Don't know if it was that extra incentive or what, but a big congratulations goes out to the students at Olympia and to the coaches...well, here's mud...I mean pie in your eye!


Math Night At Franz Brought Out Card Royalty

It's amazing if you just stop and think about how many different games and even instructional ideas can come from just a deck of cards.  Franz Elementary School's math night incorporated the fundamental concept of playing a number of different simple card games to teach math concepts.  

The evening was kicked off by a royal greeting from the King of Clubs and the Queen of Hearts as everyone walked in.  This was an evening of playing all sorts of fun card games that took some math to play them.  One of the most effective ways of teaching students core subjects like math is doing it while they have a blast...they learn without even realizing it.  Students of all grade levels came out to play games like Crazy 8, Blackjack, Battle or even something a little more challenging like Hearts.  

Students, teachers and parents counted their way to a fun evening and in the process learned or dusted off some great math skills.  


Park Village Library, Now Janice LaFoille Library

It's not everyday that an individual makes an impact on students that lasts for years and years.  That's what volunteer Janice LaFoille has contributed to the library at Park Village Elementary School.  The campus library was dedicated in her name with a special ceremony.  For 17 years Mrs. LaFoille has been in that library encouraging kids to read and to appreciate a good story.  Along the way, she has shown a caring and humble spirit with the staff and of course the students who have walked in and out of the Park Village doors over the years.  Congratulations to her and a warm expression of appreciation for her work. 


UTSA Military Academy For Parent Leadership

To all military-connected parents in Judson ISD! The UTSA Military Academy for Parent Leadership will be holding information sessions to provide each participant with an in depth introduction to higher education as well as valuable resources to be used engaging with our military family community. The Academy is designed to help parents adjust to high school life and establish skills that will assist them in the transition to higher education. Lunch and child care will be provided by the UTSA Center for Military Children and Families. Click on the flyer below for more details.